Lets Start Here...


Sound designer and product dev. Currently for hire as a

contractor or in house. Been working in games for around 4

years. Been a contractor for most of it on small game projects

released on mobile devices and PC. My biggest release;

Gravity Maze, was a big hit and my design was well recieved


Learning some new things like Wwise, Unity and working on an

electronics project with the Arduino. Built a game music album

showing to the right, based on a theoretical game which im now

designing in Unity. Available for purchase:


Loudr or Bandcamp


I have worked on Dramas, Theatre productions, Films, Animations,

Podcasts, Voice overs, Documentaries and of course Games. I

mostly work with audio within these mediums but I like working in

other production roles as well.





Previous Projects

Full up to date list on LinkedIn


Audio Contractor @ Freelance presently held

2 Day SFX projects (one featured below) and Wwise process videos


Audio Contractor @ Geemzo presently held

Micro Racing - iOS and Android

Gravity Cave - iOS and Facebook

Space Panic - iOS and Android

Gravity Maze - iOS and Android


Voluntary Lead @ Magicode Games - 2 years

Roger: the flying pig

Toxic Bugs

Neon Ninja 4

Blast It

Ghost Game


Audio Designer/Mixer @ Language through Lenses

competition - Giulia Ghiani's entry "It'll be Alright"


Audio Designer/Composer @ Dare to be Digital - Team Carne

Carne 2011 and Team Shark on a Bike 2010




2013 Sound Design Demo




WotI - SFX 2 Day Challenge


Music Portfolio







Monster SFX Designer @ Odd Socks - Matteo

Zuffolini's co-produced "Odd Socks"

Voice of the Socks - Me


Contract SFX Designer @ TABS Theatre - Snow White


Audio Designer/Composer @ Abertay University MProf

Games Development

Games Titles include:


Trap Inc

Mount Dash


The rest of my projects came from Abertay University, Whitespace

Solutions, Aberplay, Signpost International and various student











The Big Man - DOTA2 VO




Sengoku Basara SFX Replacement