Current Projects

Stuart G Wilson

Audio Design and Product Development

Game Development

The project has picked up the pace, and with one level set up we are moving onto the next.

Building small worlds with Blender and Unity, I hope to create a fun experience.

This is my current game project atm and one of my more solo acts. I do have a composer lined up however so that area is taken care of, and a 2D artist has experessed interested. My main focus is to create a fun avatar and a world for you to explore, simple because my coding skills are not fantastic. I gain a lot of knowledge from this project in every way.


I’m using Krita: a painting program, and then importing to blender for skinning and animating. Once you have a working set up its not too bad, the project is set to mildly chug along under my day to day routine.


Sound Design

For the 48hr London Sci fi Film competition, I enetered with Team Blinking Planetary.

Constructing a world in 2 days, audio is usually the door stop.

With this project we began with a rough script which was edited when our items that we had to include in the film (was added around 10 o’clock on the Saturday). We dissected briefly what was needed from me. I added my input and so did various members of the crew as the days went on.


I had never undertaken such a task as a team and it was difficult getting the film nailed down early but we managed to all come to a good medium on what we wanted in the film. Most of my time was spent with the writer as he explained what his vision was exactly, and what we could do in a short time frame.


So I constructed all of the audio myself with the camera vocal recordings aside from the scream and tinnitus sound which was added at the last second. Fun overall project and I expect to do more of it.

Sound Middleware and Album

A template on a structured system for implementing game audio into a game, including dynamic weather, music and sound design.

A full game album based on the designs and concept of the game audio bank, a theoretical game.

This little project revolved around 2 structures, a game audio bank as a Wwise set up and an album which inspired and was inspired by the game. These two projects helped craft worlds and scenes with the music as well as the audio designs within Wwise, to create a believable gaming environment.


The culmination of which was great insight and experience using Wwise and publication of the album. Since then I have worked on an interupting speech system. The system tries to cut off audio where the user interupts it within the game and adds on a counter argument that changes the audio .The trick is to make the audio seemless and not feel cut into when the break happens.

A big project that I've worked on for a while is a new sense controller design which would revamp vibration, within game controllers and in game context. To a better extent than they do now, in a 360 degree area of response.

  • The design did get published by the UKIP and is now undergoing final examinations. The original release notes of my design are below in a blog post.

3D Printing!

I have also had the pleasure of having some of my Blender models being printed in a 3D printer for a web series. The parts I created where back strap harness for a set of robotic arms on a character.

Controller Design!


  • Vimeo portfolio of videos relating to my audio work.
  • Shifting Trigger, the album based on a theoretical game.
  • Soundcloud site with some free to listen music
  • To contact me, email me at:




linkedin: SGWilson

twitter: @Estarnova