Current Projects

Stuart G Wilson

Audio Design and Product Development

Game Development

What I am doing with this latest project is keeping the idea simple, to learn the software.

Incorporating simple design with the theme of changing with proximity. A maze was the first game idea from this.

In this yet to be titled game, the object is to find your way through a level from A to B. With some gate mechanics, puzzles and double bluffs in the mix, I hope to build a short fun maze game initially that potentially could be open and diverse in narrative.


The core of this is my prefab cluster of blocks that form a unit of space in the maze. As you come into proximity they slide and morph away or to you. These prefabs add together to form the changing and confusing maze, whether they reveal corridors or block of access.

Sound Design

Hack 'n' Slash game sound design with focus on a particularly hard to replicate sound set, also sporting my own vocals.

Synthesised electricity and a wheelbarrow rocket really cement this clip with a believable environment.

With my passion for creating original sound design, I sought out those hard to replicate sounds. Electricity and rockets. After finding a clip to work with I set about researching how I might replicate these sounds.


For electricity I chained a seriers of oscilators with various frequencies that related to electricity, enough so that a nice crackling, hushing, current sound could be derived from it. For the rocket, that was difficult. The source material was actually a wheelbarrow upturned with the mic within it, as it was dragged across the ground. A wonderful rumbling, bellowing sound.


I also added in vocals, spot effects and foley to complete the audio package. A stage for the main contenders.

Sound Middleware and Album

A template on a structured system for implementing game audio into a game, including dynamic weather, music and sound design.

A full game album based on the designs and concept of the game audio bank, a theoretical game.

This little project revolved around 2 structures, a game audio bank as a Wwise set up and an album which inspired and was inspired by the game. These two projects helped craft worlds and scenes with the music as well as the audio designs within Wwise, to create a believable gaming environment.


The culmination of which was great insight and experience using Wwise and publication of the album. Since then I have worked on an interupting speech system. The system tries to cut off audio where the user interupts it within the game and adds on a counter argument that changes the audio .The trick is to make the audio seemless and not feel cut into when the break happens.

A big project that I've worked on for a while is a new sense controller design which would revamp vibration, within game controllers and in game context. To a better extent than they do now, in a 360 degree area of response.

Controller Design!

  • The design did get published by the UKIP and is now undergoing final examinations. The original release notes of my design are below in a blog post.


  • Vimeo portfolio of videos relating to my audio work.
  • Shifting Trigger, the album based on a theoretical game.
  • Soundcloud site with some free to listen music
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linkedin: SGWilson

twitter: @Estarnova